Malda's Gazole’s Durga Puja with a 200-Year-Old Tradition Makes It Unique, Know In Detail

While most people kick off their Durga Puja celebrations with Mahalaya, this village follows a centuries-old tradition that sets it apart. After the immersion of Goddess Durga in Dashami, the villagers refrain from consuming meat and embrace a vegetarian diet. In the Gazole Block of Malda, in a village known as Chaknagar Kaipara, this unique tradition continues to be an integral part of their Puja festivities. People from distant places also join in to pay their respects to the goddess.

During the puja, the food offerings at the pandal are notably vegetarian, featuring a variety of sweets, including Pantua, Kansat, Rosogolla, Lalmohon, Roskadambo, and Sandesh. Additionally, there are delectable Luchis and Suji dishes.

The organizer of this puja, Shambhunath Ray, shared in a recent interview that every member of the village still upholds this ancient tradition, and they continue to refrain from consuming non-vegetarian food during the days between Mahalaya and Dashami. The fervor for Puja in this village is truly remarkable.

During the Puja days, the mandap area remains free from any kind of meat consumption. The focus here is on the strict observance of rituals and devotion to the Mother Goddess. On Ashtami, devotees gather from various places to offer Anjali. The village hosts a grand fair during the puja, attracting a large number of visitors.

Among the ancient pujas celebrated in Gazole, this one stands out as a unifying force, as the entire village comes together to organize the festivities. The essence of this puja revolves around an age-old legend. Local tales recount that around 200 years ago, the idol of the goddess was found in the Tangon River, and the villagers preserved it. Later, it became the starting point of their annual puja. Nowadays, a committee manages the puja, but the devotion and commitment to the goddess remain unwavering.

Notably, people from neighboring districts, even as far as South Dinajpur, visit this village to witness the divine presence of the goddess during the Durga Puja festivities. The spirit of unity, tradition, and devotion makes this puja a unique and enriching experience for all who participate in it.

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