Magician's magic revealed !!

"Abbra-ka-Dabra", "Hoccus-foccus" and the object which was visible, vanishes. Magician snaps his fingers and a ball disappears right in front of your eyes. How is this possible, you ask yourself every time you watch a magic show? You have a pretty good understanding of how an object behaves. You even know that an object cannot simply disappear into thin air, yet this is exactly they show you.
Magic, is considered as one of the oldest art forms and for centuries magicians have amazed and baffled their audiences by creating illusions of the impossible.
On 28th March, Kolkata witnessed few such magic shows which was organized by FIMA (Federation of Indian Magic association), the 4th National level Magic Fair was held at opposite Nandan. The Magic fair started from 29th and it is a 3- day affair.
The inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of eminent dignitaries like Amar Sen, FIMA secretary Santanu Sen, actor Dev and others.

The show had started with 12 differently abled kids from Asha Niketan(Tangra). The Magic fair is funded by Central govt and it is the 4th attempt from FIMA. Some of the acts which was shown to the assemble audience included conjuring, close up, madari act, ventriloquism act, puppet act, hand shadow graphics and others. The panel discussion and magic workshop will be conducted on 30th March, to propagate the art of magic among the individuals. Stalls were put up so that the commoners could buy magic props and perform simple magic tricks at home. This was done to make magic accessible to the common people. FIMA Magic Fair 2018, is a great initiative to bring the common people and the magicians, on a common platform and share some magic!!

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