"Lust"- the unison of aphrodisia & Poetry

There are two types of movies, Commercial and Artistic. What was once a couple of moving pictures captured in a shutterbug has nothing in common with the 21st century movie making theory. But, what still stands true is - the innovation of plot.
One such blastocyst movie set in this century, not craving to seek any attention, is glowing within making it famous before even setting its firm foot.

"LUST" is not just any flick. In fact, it is more than any a movie. It is like an "Orgasmic Union between Poetry and painting". 
Conceived, scripted and canned with the right presentation. Director Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar is the mastermind of the craft. Lust, is his third offering to the world of movies. His earlier movies “Umformung -The Transformation” and “Paradiso” were wrapped in philosophical concept. Both of these movies were showcased in Marche Du Cannes back in the year 2017.

The manifestation of Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar’s movie-making is the depiction of the human journey beyond borders, caste-creed, community and color. In three words, his movies can be collectively stated as- timeless, unique, poetic and food for introspection.

Lust, the cinema is no different in this case. Beautifully captured in Black and white frames, the film has lovely attributes and is well crafted. This movie was shot through the year 2017 with a 2009 Canon 7D Camera and absolute vintage discarded glass photographic lenses without the aid of any artificial light. However, an important portion of the movie was shot using an Apple I-phone 6S, Filmic pro App and Ztylus lenses. Use of these methods led to a conclusion which is equally stunning and mesmerizing, thus giving an absolutely European look and feel.

Director Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar has paid homage to the cinemas of Andrei Tarkovsky, Abbas Kiarostami, as well as Bernardo Bertolucci. Lust is a highly provocative movie. Lust deals with sexual taboos, political taboos and holds a heartwarming message for mankind and their future tangled with unbridled greed of humans.

The cinematography has been done by veteran cinema man Santanu Banerjee. The music for the film has been composed by young musical genius Sanjib Sarkar. Sudeep held the cinema in his grip with his ethereal compositions. The title song of 'Lust' has been sung by Irish Greek actress and singer Anne-Marie O'Sullivan.

The movie is ready to hit global festival circuits and it will release in theatres in USA and Europe. The movie will also be released on Digital platform all over the world. The movie has been produced by Rita Jhawar, of Moving Pixel. She is a game changing Producer of world movies. 


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