Leaving the Stress up in the Clouds

Introduced in the Medieval India, ‘hookah’ goes by many names across the world. While the British rule was raging over India, hookah was widely popular, and it evidently derived its name from the English language itself. Apart from its usual name ‘Hookah’, it goes by the name ‘Shisha’ in Germany, Egypt, Tunisia; ‘Chillum’ in Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and ‘Jajeer’ in Kashmir. No matter what the name suggests, Hookah has been intertwined in several culture for recreational purposes for smoking tobacco. 

A perfect blend of smoke and rejuvenation allows conversation to start. Hookahs in today’s times have been looked upon as the best way to catch up, while you chill with the smoke. A plethora of flavors have replaced the sheer monotony of tobacco intake and clears the mind for a while. With many hookah bars being set up all around the globe, youngsters and inclined to visit cafes looking for better smoking preferences. 

To drive the monotony away from smoking plain tobacco many flavors have been introduced over the past few years. Mint, Blue Mist, Brain Freezer, Double Apple, Gummi Bear, Blue Berry are just a few which have intimately attracted smokers to indulge in a variety of flavors to indulge and enjoy. Each of the flavor adds just not the taste, but also to the mood as well, offering a flawless blend. While Mint remains one of the most popular flavors of all time providing the feel and taste and the coolness in every drag, Double Apple adds the sweet smell of Apple in each intake, Brain Freezer allows a soothing smell, offering the flavor of bubblegum’s, Gummy Bears are widely available and savored by most and lastly Blue Berry adds the divine smell of the berries to the air around you. Individual flavor adds something unique to the taste thus attracting many consumers. To indulge in the best experiences and a soothing ambience to lift your mood, Café #377 is arriving soon, where love prevails all. In modern times, parties, get-togethers, dates are amiss without hookahs and the notion is here to stay for the time being.

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