Kolkata: Vivify Itself up in Christmas

Kolkata is known to be the city of joy! French author Dominique Lapirre had nick named Kolkata to be the city of joy and the city has rightfully earned the name by the warmth it spreads to people, by its rich cultural diversity and the soulfulness it possesses. No wonder, Kolkata especially Park Street beautifies itself with huge pomp and glory.

The richest in cultural vibrancy, Kolkata is the hub of all the festivals. Be it Eid, Christmas or Durga Puja Kolkata celebrates each of these with equal passion and enthusiasm. One of the major areas in Kolkata, ‘Park Street’ gets beautifully illuminated during Christmas. Right from the Park Street entrance till the Park Street metro, the whole stretch is covered up with lights and a beautiful Christmas carnival is hosted in the Allen Park during the whole Christmas week.

Other than Park Street which happens to be a major place in the city there are other Christian colonies in Dum Dum and Kabardanga where Christmas is celebrated with small churches illuminated and various carnivals.

The Kolkata Diocese welcomed the Christmas month with the Diocese festival held in the St. Paul’s Church grounds on the 3rd of December 2017 where all the CNI (Church of North India) Churches participated a day long program where the Bishop of Kolkata Rt. Rev. Ashok Biswas led the prayer service. The St. Paul’s Church ground was decorated with stalls of various kinds. From food to books to clothes the stalls did not disappoint anyone.

One of the major Christmas shopping attractions in Kolkata is the Hogg Market which is commonly known as the New Market. The decoration shops right in the middle of the market is the place to actually visit. From miniature Santa’s to feet’s tall ones the stalls has them all. The famous fruit cake from the Nahum’s and Turkey’s sold behind the New market sets a perfect Christmas mode and tunes even more perfect with a glass of wine.

Kolkata holds the most vibrant cultural history. It is city where everyone is equally accepted and loved unconditionally.  A city without any discrimination is indeed a city of Joy and Kolkata well deserves the title.

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