Kolkata Police cyber crime department to print booklet against bank fraud

In this age and day of bank frauds using technological interventions, Kolkata Police officers of the bank fraud department together with the Cyber Crime Police Station officials have arrested many who had been associated in duping people of their money by conning them into revealing their online bank details and getting One Time Passwords (OTPs).

Offenders have been punished with imprisonment and monetary fine and raising the fine amount is on the cards so that it acts as a deterrent to people who indulge in these. Along with that, Kolkata Police authorities have also come out with a booklet on creating awareness among people. The booklet named ‘Shabdhaner Maar Nei’ (translated which means it is better to be safe), will impact several important information regarding bank frauds particularly the most common one in which fraudsters pose as bank officials and call up customers to get a vital account and card related information from them. It will be advised that no bank ever calls up people to get such info, whoever receives such call should immediately understand that those are fake calls, under no circumstances should the PIN or OTP told over the phone, no coded SMS should be forwarded to an unknown number, ATM card PIN should not be written on the card and to be careful about not leaving ATM card at ATM kiosks. People have also been asked to put in a complaint at the nearest police station in case they are duped. Alternatively, they can also call upon the Lal Bazar helpline at 8585063104 and report such incidents.

Citing a number of cases of cyber frauds, the book will also ask people to get stronger passwords for their email and other social network profiles. The passwords should be of eight characters with a mix of capital and small letters, numerical and special characters.

Cops also warn people against sending important links and information through free wi-fi networks.

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