Kolkata - Passion for Fashion

There was a time when Kolkata would raise eyebrows if a girl’s sartorial sense got a little adventurous.
Kolkata dressed well, but a tad conservatively – was the general verdict. People from the more fashion conscious cities would soften their criticism by saying that Kolkata makes up in IQ what it lacks in GQ. But, no longer, those days are history. Kolkata is fast finding its fashion feet. Kolkata doesn’t need to be defensive about its glamour quotient any more. Kolkata knows what’s hot and what’s not. Kolkata no longer demurs at raised hemlines and plunging necklines. Kolkata can very well distinguish a Prada from a Versace.
Parties and weddings now are regular witnesses to the `cool’ dress sense of our girls. The wardrobes are overflowing with gowns and dresses of all kinds. Trend watchers though are of the opinion that Indo westerns are more of a draw here than the western evening gowns. `To each his own’, isn’t it darlings! Our city loves its past, its heritage, and it has found a way to bridge the great divide - the Indo westerns.
As far as fashion in casual wear is concerned, our Kolkata is no less hot and chic. Our belles are as comfortable in their miniskirts and micro hot pants as they are in their palazzos and culottes.  The slim pants and cigarette pants are as much in demand here as are anywhere else in the country.
Ok, ok, am coming to it dearies…shrugs and scarves. The ladies have really taken to these, be it summer or winter, nothing like a stylish shrug and a matching scarf to enhance your appeal.
Well guys, if you are thinking, why your kind of fashion does not find a space here, just you wait with a little bit of patience. This very moment, I am heading out for all the top men’s wear places and confer with the leading fashion designers and I promise that this time whichever do I go to, I will keep my eyes peeled for all the cool stuff that you are wearing.

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