Kolkata Metro To Commence East-West Metro Passenger Services Soon, Esplanade Station Design Unveiled

After much anticipation, Kolkata residents are on the brink of welcoming a long-awaited development. The prospect of opening up passenger services for the East-West Metro corridor has been teased even before the impending announcement of the assembly elections.

Recent reports suggest that significant progress has been made in completing the infrastructure along the stretch from Howrah Maidan to the Esplanade. This milestone visit signifies the culmination of extensive efforts aimed at enhancing metro connectivity in the city.

In December last year, certain structural deficiencies at the station prompted a hiatus in inspection activities by the Railway Safety Commissioner's team. However, Chief Railway Safety Commissioner Janak Kumar Garg's repeated visits to Kolkata to personally oversee the rectification of these issues underscore the authorities' commitment to ensuring safety and efficiency.


Furthermore, beyond the East-West Metro, plans are underway to expedite passenger services along the Joka-Esplanade and New Garia-Ruby Metro routes. The meticulous attention to detail and proactive measures taken by the authorities indicate a concerted effort to meet the growing demands for reliable urban transportation.

Esplanade Station, situated towards the tail end of the East-West Metro, epitomises a blend of Kolkata's rich heritage and modernity. The station's design seamlessly integrates elements of the city's architectural legacy with contemporary aesthetics, offering commuters a glimpse into Kolkata's bustling urban landscape.

Spanning approximately 220 metres in length and with a depth of nearly 28 metres and 36 metres below ground level, Esplanade Station boasts multiple levels catering to various passenger needs. The upper and lower levels will accommodate commuter traffic, while the intermediate floors will house essential operational facilities.

The station's architecture pays homage to Kolkata's historical architectural styles, juxtaposed with imagery reflecting the city's iconic landmarks. Passengers can expect a visually stimulating experience that captures the essence of Kolkata's vibrant cultural tapestry.

Moreover, the station is equipped with eight lifts and twenty escalators, facilitating seamless vertical movement within the premises. Six primary lifts connect the mezzanine floor to the platform level, with two additional lifts providing access from the exterior ground level to the mezzanine floor. Additionally, the station features approximately 25 automated gates, ensuring efficient crowd management and adherence to safety protocols.

With meticulous planning and execution, the East-West Metro project aims to enhance connectivity and alleviate commuting woes for Kolkata's residents. The inclusion of amenities such as dedicated entry points towards Eden Gardens and the Metro Channel further enhances the passenger experience, promising a seamless transition between metro services and key city landmarks.

In conclusion, the imminent commencement of passenger services on the East-West Metro corridor, coupled with the unveiling of Esplanade Station, marks a significant milestone in Kolkata's urban transportation landscape. As the city gears up for enhanced metro connectivity, residents can look forward to a more efficient and convenient commuting experience in the near future.

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