Koel Mallick Returns To Shooting Floors After A Long Break! Sparked Curiosity Among Her Fans

Actress Koel Mallick returned to the shooting floors in Tolly Industry after a long break. This speculation arises from Wednesday morning onward. Her presence back on set, looking as hale and hearty as ever, has sparked curiosity among her fans. 

But a viral video that went viral on social media was the reason behind the unanticipated excitement surrounding her return. The actress is seen in the video heading to the set while using rollers to style her hair, and the captions emphasise how quickly she was able to get back on set after getting hurt.

Regarding the project that Koel is filming for, there is much speculation. Although there has been no official confirmation, fans are overjoyed to see her back on the set. The biggest concern at this point is when "Mitin Mashi" shooting will begin again.

The "Mitin Mashi" franchise's production house, Surinder Films, soon after made the situation clear to the media. They stated that the incident as a whole was untrue and that the film's production had not yet begun. Koel won't start shooting again until after doctors give the all-clear. According to additional information, the viral video was created a few days ago and has nothing to do with 'Mitin Mashi.' Actually, Koel was in the studio filming a promo for Star Jalsha's next show, "Bodhua."

On March 31 of this year, Koel suffered a serious injury while shooting an action sequence for 'ekti khunir sondhane.' She fractured her alna bone, which requires medical attention, and had to get a plaster. Since then, she has been on a break from shooting.

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