KMC parks to provide facilities to senior citizens

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) keeping in mind the necessity of parks for the senior citizens of the city along with children, has come up with plans to provide facilities in those parks situated across the city. A senior official of the Parks and Gardens department of KMC said,

There has been demand from some councillors to come up with facilities for senior citizens in parks. But space constraint is a major challenge. We have plans to develop facilities for the elderly wherever there is availability of space.

Some of the parks of KMC have already been face lifted, like the Nivedita Park in Ward 7 where a separate enclosure for senior citizens to relax after their morning and evening walks and a place for smooth jogging has been built. Indu Park in Ward 107 in Kasba is also undergoing refurbishment for making paths for morning or evening walks for senior citizens. Sushanta Kumar Ghosh, Councillor of Ward 107 and the chairman of Borough XII said,

There are more than 10 children's parks in Ward 107, with various rides and other activities for the enjoyment of children. The senior citizens wanted a park with some sort of separate facilities for them.

The fund required for the development of the parks is being provided by the Parks and Gardens Department and the Project Management Unit (PMU) Department of KMC. KMC currently looks after approximately 720 parks in the city situated across 144 wards.

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