Keys to keypads Era

Keys were meant to open locks which we are aware. Not just locks of the doors but hearts as well. In earlier times keys used to open the door locks of the Post Offices. A message through a letter used to travel miles and then used to reach its destination. Urbanisation and modernisation has made it easy for the society with the invention of computers, keypads and mobiles. It was a discovery that brought breakthrough changes. The essence of writing letters got gradually faded away with the inventions of technology. Emoji do bring an instant smile when pops on the screen of a mobile somehow derails conveying the lasting happiness! Give a thought. Letters are boring who has so much of time in the era of e-technology.

Keys that used to get the outset of emotions earlier now are obsolescent. Do the emotions remain only with the letters? Don’t we still lock our emotions with an app lock system that is where emotions play its little role? Here the keypad plays its huge role. Yes the journey from the keys to the keypads is one of a kind. We still have our exclusive Pandora’s Box! All those who still have their secret habit of writing a diary, think again! Human are born with the innate nature of being happy tend to acquire the sadness. The letters are still craved as a nuance of romance, happiness, wishes, dreams. It too carries the emotions of the writer. Just the way a parent expects a phone call from their child and folks living miles away!

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