Kanchan Mullik And Shreemoyee Chattoraj Got Married! Shared Heartfelt Photos With Messages Post Wedding

In a picturesque wedding ceremony held at the Princeton Club in South Kolkata on Saturday evening, Kanchan Mullik and Sreemoyee Chattoraj embarked on a new journey together, sealing their bond in a beautiful social ceremony. The couple, who had previously opted for a court marriage, celebrated their union amidst family and close friends, adhering to Bengali customs and traditions from start to finish.

The ambiance was adorned with traditional elements, with Sreemoyee looking resplendent in her meticulously chosen Benarasi saree and intricate gold jewelry, all personally designed by her. Kanchan, on the other hand, donned dashing Panjabi attire, perfectly complementing his bride.

The wedding menu boasted an array of Bengali delicacies, including Koraishuti'r Kochuri, Alur Dom, Fish Fry, Mutton Kosha, Pulao, and more, adding a flavorful touch to the celebration.

Despite their desire for privacy surrounding their wedding, the couple couldn't resist sharing their joy with the world.


Sreemoyee took to her Instagram to share a glimpse of their special day, while Kanchan, in a heartwarming gesture, posted several pictures with poetic captions, expressing his love and admiration for his new bride. He wrote, "Friend, keep your dream of love. Hold on to the dream of living.”

Amidst the whirlwind of social media attention, the couple's age difference sparked some initial trolling, with Sreemoyee being 27 years younger than Kanchan. However, their love remained unscathed, transcending any societal norms or judgements.

On Valentine's Day, the couple solemnised their union in a legal ceremony, followed by a heartfelt exchange of messages on social media, reaffirming their love for each other.

As they prepare for their reception on March 6th at a prestigious venue on Park Street, the newlyweds, Kanchan and Sreemoyee, stand as a testament to the power of love and commitment.

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