Joydeep's Latest Web Series, 'Raja Rani Romeo': A Romantic Thriller Trailer Unveiled

From childhood, we've heard countless tales where stories unfold with a mix of conflict, arguments, anger, and pride, ultimately leading to happiness and joy. Hence, we often find solace in the phrase "And they lived happily ever after." But does happiness in a story truly translate into real-life "happily ever afters"? The recent release of the 'Raja Rani Romeo' trailer attempts to answer this question, presenting a narrative where dreams and reality exist as separate entities.

The trailer hints at a story filled with romance and suspense, revolving around conflicts and curiosity between Raja and Rani. However, a lingering question arises: what secret lies in Rani's hands that involves a deck of cards? The answer to this awaits impatiently.

The popular 'Moujhor' duo, Swikriti Majumdar and Arpan Ghoshal, known for the 'Meyebela' bengali serial, is set to shine in this web series directed by Joydeep Banerjee, who previously directed the successful 'Alokkhis in Goa.'


The lead roles of the 'Meyebela' duo promise to captivate the audience with their stellar performances in 'Raja Rani Romeo.'

The series is set to premiere on the Klikk OTT platform, known for its diverse and engaging content. Klikk Originals recently unveiled the trailer and a new song video titled 'Shantir Chele Shanto.' Earlier, the series introduced their first song, 'Submarine.'

Adding to the cast is popular actor Joyjeet Banerjee, marking his debut in the web series domain. Additionally, Rataashree Dutta plays a crucial role in the series.

Apart from directing, Joydeep Banerjee has also contributed to the screenplay, along with co-director Shubhadeep Mukherjee. The series is produced by Shantanu Chatterjee of Films and Frames, and the cinematography is led by Anir. Pranjal Das has taken charge of the music direction, and the dialogues are written by Soumit Deb.

As the trailer unfolds, it becomes evident that 'Raja Rani Romeo' is not just a romantic tale but a romantic thriller. The narrative promises a balance of love story and revenge, delivering an impactful and gripping experience for the viewers.

Each character in this web series is shrouded in mystery, unveiling shades of gray. Crafted with a purpose, the characters create a narrative that will undoubtedly dazzle and captivate audiences.

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