Jayanta from bengal and his team played a key role in making Pragyan’s navigation camera

Jayanta Laha is a man from the small town of Uttarpara. He was infected with polio as a child. The doctor said that no pressure could be applied to him. But the whole world was excited by the hope of the success of his work.Bikram has just landed on the moon. After 4 hours of rest, Pragyan will come out of Bikram’s womb.


The navigation camera will start working. Jayanta Laha and his team are responsible for all the technical activities of this navigation camera. Today he is the pride of the entire country, having overcome his childhood illness. Jayanta’s parents are very happy with their son’s success. Dilip Yadav,Chairman of Uttarpara, reached Jayanta’s house to congratulate his parents. Jayanta’s father said that Jayanta was very broken by the failure of Chandrayaan-2.

Now, Prasanta Laha (Jayanta’s father) is very happy with his son’s success this time. Jayanta studied at Uttarpara Government High School.Then he went to Shivpur BE College. He got admission to Kharagpur IIT. After completing his Masters there, he joined ISRO in 2009. Jayanta is one of the team members of ISRO scientists who worked on the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

He was seen along with other scientists during the live broadcast of Chandrayaan-3. Bikram was landed on the lunar soil by Chandrayaan-3. Pragyan Rover will emerge from its womb. Its six wheels will roll one centimeter per second. India’s Ashoka Stambha and ISRO logos will be left behind as the wheels roll. Chandrayaan-3’s Bikram lander and the Pragyan rover landed safely near the moon’s south pole on August 23. Landed as soft as a bird’s feather. Every Indian is very proud of this.

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