Jaya Ahsan Runs to Meet her Love after the Shoot

Jaya Ahsan who was shooting for ‘Kantho’ by Shiboprasad Mukherjee was, in fact, trying to get the shoots done fast. Almost after a month of shooting for the movie, she is now back at her place. She said that she is dying to meet the love of her life. Do you know who that is?


Jaya was talking about her golden retriever, Cleopatra. Jaya’s mother is presently in Australia but Cleopatra is there. Less gossip and fun this time but she will get busy with the post-production activities of the movie ‘Debi’. ‘Debi’ is the first project of her own production house. Post completion, she will again come back to Kolkata for Birsa Dasgupta’s Crisscross.

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