Jalpaiguri’s Kaushik’s Mother Became Happy About His Son Being A Part Of ISRO

Her son is on the Chandrayaan team, and his mother didn't know about it! On Wednesday afternoon, her son said over the phone to watch TV in the evening. So, his mother has been sitting in front of the TV since the afternoon. India created history in the evening. Chandrayaan 3 successfully landed on the moon. Jalpaiguri's Kaushik Nag's mother, Sonali Devi, was overwhelmed by seeing her son's picture on TV.

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On Wednesday, at 6:04 p.m., Lander Vikram successfully landed on the south pole of the moon. India became the first country in the world to conquer the south pole of the moon. Jalpaiguri's son Kaushik's name is on the list of artisans of victory. Many did not know. Many close friends of his were shocked to recognise Kaushik when Team ISRO's members were shown on the TV screen. His mother also did not know that her son was also a part of the group of scientists.

Kaushik Nag was admitted to Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College in 2011 after passing higher secondary from a private English-medium school in Jalpaiguri. He later joined the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in 2018.

Earlier, Kaushik was also a member of Chandrayaan-2 in 2019. But Chandrayaan 2 was an unsuccessful mission. Although this time everything happened greatly Kaushik did not inform his mother about being involved in this Chandrayaan 3 project in advance. His mother got to know on Wednesday morning.

Kaushik's classmates and teachers at his schools and colleges had no difficulty recognising him wearing a pink shirt in the picture of the excitement of ISRO scientists on the TV screen. Instantly, that picture went viral on social media.

Kaushik's mother, Sonali Devi, said, "I have been sitting with the TV on since five in the afternoon. In the evening, Chandrayaan peels the soil of the moon. It may be that I could not imagine seeing my son on the TV screen. " She also said, "I feel proud of my country. It feels even better to think that my son has also contributed to this work". The whole Jalpaiguri is also happy with Kaushik's achievement.

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