Jadavpur Traffic Guard celebrates ‘Safe Drive Save Life’

Have you ever stopped to think how important roads actually are? It’s what connects us to our schools and offices, the markets and hospitals. But do we really understand who makes it possible for us to return home safely everyday?
The police!

The guardian of West Bengal, our Honourable Chief Minister Smt. Mamata Banerjee, launched the "Safe Drive Save Life" campaign in 2016. The Traffic Police of Kolkata has taken this initiative very seriously and is now working with many schools and organizations.


On 8th August 2018, Jadavpur Traffic Guard celebrated the success of this campaign with various schools, looking to highlight the need for driving safety and following traffic rules, through the performances of the participating school students.


The event was attended by various honourable officers like Mr.Santosh Nimbalkar and Mr Surya Pratap Yadav. They expressed their gratitude towards the citizens for the successful execution of the campaign as of yet, which has lowered the number of on-road accidents since its introduction in 2016.


The initiative was attended by various tollywood celebrities who came forward to speak to us on this matter. Appreciating the Police is the least we can do to celebrate the brave men and women who put the community first.


This event was especially hosted for the the youngsters and the children. An interactive quiz session was hosted by RJ Rakesh and RJ Pragya for the kids, who were rewarded with chocolates.


But let’s not forget that we too have an important role to play. It is our duty to abide by the traffic rules. Every year, so many people lose their lives or their loved ones owing to irresponsible and reckless driving. If we don't follow these rules and take necessary safety precautions, if we don’t cooperate with the police, our lives could be in danger. Remember, these rules have been implemented for your safety.


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