IVF: Pros and cons

IVF is an acronym for ‘in vitro fertilization’. It is an assisted reproductive technique and is a form of pregnancy that women take to these days as a way for women to conceive in case normal pregnancy fails. Sir Rober Edwards and Patrick Steptoe came forward with this method and it has helped many people to enjoy parenthood. But we must be aware of the facts that it also has pros and cons attached to it.

The advantages of IVF are as follows:

1. IVF is considered to be safest among all procedures and it also has safer records. Technology and techniques have improved manifolds with time and this has turned out to be the safest means of reproduction.

2.It is a good solution for the same-sex couples and single women who want to raise children of their own. It is possible that single women yearn for motherhood but they lack sperm donors. Therefore IVF is their only viable option.

3. Fertilization problem gets diagnosed. If someone is trying for pregnancy but it is not happening, then nothing is better than IVF. This is the only way where a couple can fulfil their dreams.

There are few negative sides to it as well. In fact, there are many such cases where few external factors matter while considering IVF. Those are as follows:

1. Female age is the most important aspect in case of IVF. With age, the number of eggs decreases and probability of pregnancy through IVF also drops drastically.

2. IVF failure can happen due to embryo quality. You will find some embryos have genetic disorders but others have a chromosomal abnormality that leads to failure in IVF.

3. In many cases, the ovaries of women hardly respond properly leading to a failed IVF. It is necessary for the body to respond to the medications and produce multiple eggs for a perfect reproduction process.


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