Is The Tollywood Star Dev Making A Surprise Cameo In Ankush Hazra's Film 'Mirza'?

A viral sensation swept across social media early last Thursday, accompanied by an intriguing image and an equally captivating rumor. What was it all about?

According to sources, it seems that superstar Dev might be making a surprise appearance in Ankush Hazra's upcoming film 'Mirza', portraying a cameo role. Rumours even suggested that Dev, known for his acting prowess, graced the set for a shoot, sparking speculation about his involvement in the project.

However, is this just another case of hearsay, or is there truth to the buzz? Ankush Hazra himself addressed the rumours to a media outlet, dismissing them as baseless gossip.


So, what's the real scoop? On the set of 'Mirza', Dev was indeed present, but not for the reasons speculated. As per the viral image, Dev attended the shoot of the third installment of the 'Mirza' series alongside Ankush Hazra and actress Oindrila Sen. The trio captured a moment, sharing their enthusiasm for the project with fans on social media.

Clarifying further, Ankush stated that he was unaware of how the rumour gained traction but emphasised that there was no truth to it. He expressed his delight, however, at the prospect of Dev's visit, citing their mutual respect and encouragement for each other's work.

Regarding Dev's involvement, Ankush confirmed that Dev didn't offer any specific advice but stressed that his presence was uplifting for the team. Speculations aside, it's clear that both Ankush and Dev are committed to ensuring the success of 'Mirza'.

Moreover, industry experts suggest that Tollywood, mirroring Bollywood's trend, is witnessing a resurgence in masala entertainers, with ‘Mirza’ potentially leading the charge. This collaboration between Ankush and Dev could signal a new era of camaraderie and innovation in Bengali cinema.

In conclusion, while Dev's cameo remains unconfirmed, his camaraderie with Ankush and support for 'Mirza' hint at exciting prospects for Tollywood's future. As fans eagerly await further updates, one thing's for sure: the magic of cinema continues to captivate audiences, transcending rumours and speculation.

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