Is “sex” the only language for web series now?

After the release of sequences of web series in you tube that deals exclusively on sexual content, Bengali film industry has started believing that these sex comedies can offer nippy feat to them. But is it true?

The answer can be a big “No” for many. Most of the media people are unwilling to stick to the point that this can land you to rapid accomplishments. Let us check out what few of them say about the web series of today:

Sidhu of Cactus: It is utter foolishness to think that only sex comedies get sold. If something is properly made and placed, audience is ready to take that in. Sex comedy can be the easiest form to gain attention but that is not the ultimate. I know the name and the profile of the recent prevailing sex comedy but I have not seen a single scene of it.

Sudip Mukherjee: As an actor I feel if sex is the only priority, then there is huge problem. We can always have the scope to offer social message through this. We can be creative all the time but if sexuality is only important then there is a problem. If there is nothing in the story but only some sexual innuendo then the interest will be there initially, but not in the long run. Since sex is still a taboo in our society and Bengali girls are not seen in these types of roles, public interest is acceptable.

Amitabh Bhattacharya: It is all about marketing. If you publicize a product well, then it is sure to come out with flying colours. For that you hardly need to make only sex comedy. দুপুর ঠাকুরপো একবার হবে দুবার হবে, তারপর কিন্তু আর ভালো লাগবেনা| If you make something maintaining the quality then they will hook into it because a quality conscious market never ends.

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