Into the Future

We are always curious about the future and the things it might provide us with, which will make our lives easier and cooler.

There are a lot of interesting (read futuristic) gadgets which are now available in the market. Yes! You read that right. Keep scrolling to know about some interesting gadgets that you didn’t know existed.

VR Gloves
We all are now familiar with the Virtual Reality headsets and the possibilities it has unlocked for us. But now there is something new in the market, the VR gloves. Made by using advance haptic technology, it gives you the sensation of touching the VR world, thus taking the virtual interaction to a whole new level.

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AI powered Luggage
AI powered luggage is anIoT (Internet of Things) product which provides a lot of cool features. You don’t have to carry it, it follows you! See for yourself.

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MYO Armband
The MYO armbands help you to interact with your phone tablets, TVs Smart boards etc with just the movement of your hand and fingers, taking this game of futuristic gadgets to a different horizon.

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KORNER Home Security
KORNER brings you the most affordable set of security gadgets. Wifi enabled gadget helps to create a security circle from the contacts of your phone and any security problem at you house will send an alert to the whole community.

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There are some gadgets that deserve a special mention. These are Hancook future tyres, Scavelo automatic wheel chairs, Nano holds, JIBO and Sphericam.

So go and live the future!

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