Indian Railways Launches 'One Station, One Product' Initiative To Boost Local Economy

The Indian Railways has embarked on yet another initiative to bolster the nation's economy. The recent endeavour comes in alignment with the government's 'Vocal for Local' campaign, spearheaded by the Railway Ministry. Taking a cue from this, the Indian Railways has initiated the 'One Station, One Product' (OSOP) project.

According to sources, the primary objective of this project is twofold: first, to create a market for local products at railway stations, and second, to generate additional income opportunities for marginalised communities. Consequently, designated stalls or mobile carts have been set up at railway stations to display and sell indigenous goods.


Further reports from the railway authorities reveal that a total of 298 OSOP stalls have been established so far. Among these, 100 stalls are located in the Howrah division, 143 in the Sealdah division, 27 in the Asansol division, and 28 in the Malda division.

Presently, 135 stalls across these divisions are reported to be operational, including 30 in the Howrah division, 17 in the Asansol division, 64 in the Sealdah division, and 24 in the Malda division. Additionally, preparations are underway to activate the remaining 163 stalls in the near future.

But what is the underlying purpose behind setting up these 'One Station, One Product' stalls?

The project aims to:

  • Promote local products through sales centres at railway stations.
  • Create income opportunities for marginalised communities.
  • provide travellers with the option to purchase locally made products.

Furthermore, guidelines and directives have been established for the implementation of this project:

  • Handicrafts, textiles, traditional attire, and local agricultural products will be sold under this initiative.
  • Local products will be displayed and sold at designated stalls.
  • Preference will be given to products with Geographic Indication (GI) tags, recognising their geographical origin.

In order to promote and disseminate information about the 'One Station, One Product' initiative,

various measures have been taken:

  • display of information through e-posters and announcements at stations.
  • social media and advertising campaigns for outreach.
  • direct engagement with artisans and craftsmen at handicraft fairs and festivals.

According to Kaushik Mitra, the Chief Public Relations Officer of Eastern Railways, initiatives like 'One Station, One Product' are pivotal in fostering the growth of local talent and enriching cultural heritage. Thus, they invite all travellers and visitors to partake in experiencing and contributing to the success of this project, celebrating the diversity of Bengal's indigenous crafts and products.

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