In the middle of the Middle-Class group? Know Them

Do you really hanker to be in the best place in the world? Then nothing is better than being middle class. This is till now the best and most secured abode for any human being. If you are still conjecturing whether you have achieved the middle-class status in reality, then suspend your doubts and raise your brows to check out some important points:


1. You have a good job but it is always at risk: If you have finally managed to bag a good job but job-security is very less, then you have achieved the status of being middle class. Fear is prevalent in your mind that you will receive a layoff notice from your boss but you yourself get a feeling that you are presently irreplaceable.

2. You own a home and you simply love it: If you have a house of your own which is not bought by you. Your ancestors or parents took the initiative to make a home. You are extremely possessive about it and take a tour around the house every day after coming back from office as this is probably your biggest asset!

3. Short Vacations: You can finally manage weekend trips at the cost of sick leaves. Choices are limited to ‘DI-PU-DA’ i.e. Digha, Puri and Darjeeling.

4. Counting kids: All you have is just a kid or two. You feel that having more than two kids can drag your middle-class temperament to lower middle class. Your biggest concern is the education and cost of childcare.

5. Retirement savings: Your principal concern deals with the savings for the retirement time. No matter how much you save it always feels less to you.

Trust me, middle-class people surprisingly do a much better job than any other section of people and to be honest they live a much healthier, stress-free and satisfied life overall. So cheer up if you checked all the pre-requisites for being a middle-class citizen.

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