In Between Shooting For The Upcoming Film 'Pradhan', Dev Posted Pictures With Her Mother

The much-anticipated Bengali film 'Pradhan' has already commenced shooting, with renowned actor Dev stepping into the lead role of a police officer. Dev recently delighted fans by sharing family moments from the film set on Instagram, generating a buzz around this exciting project.

In an Instagram post featuring three heartwarming pictures with his mother, Dev captioned, "In between shooting some family time." This glimpse into his personal life amidst the demanding shooting schedule garnered a lot of attention from his followers.

A notable highlight of 'Pradhan' is the first-time pairing of Dev and Soumitrisha Kundu on the silver screen. Dev hinted at the film's release date with an Instagram post, saying, "If all goes well... then see you this Christmas." Fans are eagerly awaiting this unique on-screen collaboration.

Dev's dedication to his role is evident, as he had been preparing for 'Pradhan' for an extended period. The excitement reached a new level when the film's first poster was unveiled, revealing Dev's character as Deepak Pradhan, a police officer.

Fans showered the actor and the entire team with well-wishes and excitement for the upcoming Christmas release. One fan exclaimed, "Wow! Dev Da means something new every time," while another wished the team the best of luck, saying, "Congratulations, Dev Da and Pradhan's entire team. Let this Christmas be the highlight." Another fan expressed, "The day of our dreams has come."

Soumitrisha Kundu, a beloved actress in Bengali television, is making her big-screen debut in 'Pradhan.' Her transition to the silver screen has been eagerly anticipated by fans, and her pairing with Dev has added an extra layer of intrigue to the film.

Dev recently shared a post showcasing his dedication to his role in 'Pradhan.' The actor was seen lying on a bed with what appeared to be cupping therapy marks on his back. While the caption did not provide specific details, it is speculated that he was undergoing cupping therapy. This holistic therapy is known for its potential to relax the body, reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins, and improve blood circulation.

As the shooting of 'Pradhan' continues, fans can't help but anticipate what this dynamic duo, Dev and Soumitrisha Kundu, will bring to the big screen this Christmas. With Dev's commitment to his role and the buzz surrounding this project, it's shaping up to be a film worth waiting for. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting cinematic venture.

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