IIM Calcutta gets its rank in Financial Times

Once again, Kolkata has proved that it keeps education as its primary importance. IIM Calcutta’s rank in Financial Times Masters in Management Rankings this year has elevated by six ranks. It has secured a global rank of 17th and has topped the heap among Indian business schools.

The 60-year-old institute stands tall in prestige as it proves its worth as a business school by the quality of education it provides to its students. “IIM Calcutta has got its ranking for its 2 years MBA course”, says a professor of IIM Calcutta.

“Not only does IIM Calcutta aces its quality of education, it provides excellent placement, leading to successful employment”, he adds

When asked to Riya Mallik, a fellow student of the two years Master’s in Business Administration(MBA) course in IIM Calcutta, she says,

“IIM Calcutta makes us who we are. The faculty members are excellent and the college campus has a wonderful ambiance that provides a healthy environment for studying.” 

According to Professor Prashant Mishra, IIM Calcutta holds a position of leadership among other institutions of management in India. It thus serves equal attention to all aspects of education involving career services ranking, employment eligibility, and participation of female staff on the board.

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