How to make your Sunday a fun-day in Kolkata

Kolkata is called the City of Joy for many reasons, the most obvious of them being, you can find joy in every corner of the city. So, if you are gloomy and bored on the weekend, go out and make the most of Sunday. Here are some joyful things you will love to do.

  • Musical moments

If you love old vinyls and classics, try losing yourself in the lanes of Free School street. You will find shops selling and playing timeless music records ranging from the old ghazals, the iconic Manna Dey’s voice to David Bowie and the Beatles.

  • Adventurer

The best time to kick your brain cells to work and become Holmes in your friends circle is a lazy Sunday. Collect a few mates and gather at the Mystery rooms or Espionage. Spend half the day in a Byomkesh-style sleuthing.

  • History-lover

Why spend an entire day being gloomy when the oldest and largest museum in Asia is located right in your city? Chances are high that you have visited the Indian Museum earlier, but chances are much higher that you haven’t checked out majority of the hallowed corridors. Make your day interesting with learning about ancient civilisation and its stories.

  • Books and coffee

If reading books and drinking a hot cup of tea is your idea of enjoyment, head to Elgin road or Park Street instead of browsing through the old books in your almirah. Spend a quiet and beautiful day in the lands of fiction and fantasy.

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