How to Clean & Sterilize Happiness

Kids are the life of a house, they engage us all day with their little mischiefs. Having a kid in the house means toys everywhere. The toddlers have a habit of grabbing things and putting them in their mouth. The scattered toys are covered in germs. We cannot stop a toddler from putting them in their mouth always, but we can make sure to clean and disinfect them. 

Clean the plastic toys with warm water and soap. After that rinse them with clean water and wipe them with disposable paper towels. In the case of bigger toys wipe them with warm soapy water and let them air dry. Do not forget to remove the batteries before cleaning. 

After cleaning them it is important to disinfect the toys. For that put one tablespoon of chlorine bleach solution in one gallon of water. Use that solution to sanitize the toys. Keep the toys for air dry. A kid has a lot of toys and the thought of cleaning and sterilizing them might seem a bit too much for you at the beginning. But a little bit of time invested in the process will keep your baby happy and healthy. At the end of the day, the happiness and health of the baby matter the most, pamper your kid with new toys. You can buy all the latest toys from the outlets of MBaazar, check out their website at

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