How Did Actress Prantika Das Move From Kolkata To Mumbai To Build Her Career?

She's currently dating Kartik. They flirted while hanging out on Howrah Bridge. They rode around the city on his bike during the month of Chaitra. She's gaining attention in Tollywood after her role in "Bhulbhulaiya 3". She got famous through the Hindi reality show "Mika Di Vohti" and started acting in "Daroga Mamur Kirti". Her journey from Kolkata to Mumbai for her career was interesting. She had a shopping list for Chaitra. She plans to celebrate Bengali New Year. Actress Prantika Das shared stories about Pohela Boishakh on the "Tolly katha" show.

Jiyo Bangla: How are you planning to celebrate Poila Boishakh this year?

Prantika Das: My plans are quite different now compared to my childhood. I'll probably get some new clothes, spend time with family, and do other things that I don't usually do anymore. So, these special occasions are really cherished.

Jiyo Bangla: For Bengalis, Poila Boishakh often means shopping or buying new clothes on the Chaitra Sale. What about your shopping?

Prantika Das: Shopping isn't the same anymore. Now, I tend to buy something throughout the year. So, I haven't specifically bought anything for Poila Boishakh. But my mother will definitely give something, as she does every year. Since childhood, I used to go to the market with my grandfather during the Chaitra Sale. We would buy clothes and other things.

Jiyo Bangla: Many childhood memories have changed over time. What memories do you recall when you think of those days?

Prantika Das: There are plenty of memories. The most significant one is probably going to the gold shop with my grandfather. We would buy gold ornaments, sweets in packets, and calendars. All of these become cherished memories.

Jiyo Bangla: Alongside the Bengali industry, viewers have seen you working in the Bollywood and South Indian industries. What gifts do you think audiences will receive from you on this Poila Boishakh?

Prantika Das: I am coming from the South Indian industry with "Chennai Bazaar." It's a pan-India release. I can't reveal much now. There are also Hindi films coming up. Besides, there are projects in Bengali and even in Bangladesh. Talks are going on with Shakib Khan for a project. Also, Odia films are in the pipeline.

Jiyo Bangla: Was becoming an actress a childhood dream for you? 

Prantika Das: Not at all. Everyone wonders about that. Acting started at the end of school, around classes 11–12. Back then, I was a science student. There was pressure. I started modelling alongside my studies. One contest after another, I kept winning, hiding from my father. However, my mother knew. I thought I would pursue engineering. I completed my B.Sc. But I started modeling. So, I gradually moved towards acting.

Jiyo Bangla: What did your father say when he found out?

Prantika Das: He was extremely happy and proud.

Jiyo Bangla: "Mika Di Vohti" has been seen by everyone. How much has that show changed your life or impacted it?

Prantika Das: Definitely, it has made an impact. I was working before, but we needed a big break. I wasn't getting the same recognition from Bengali shows as I did from "Mika Di Vohti." I have auditioned a lot, but they didn't have the same effect. People from Punjab or Mumbai recognise me more than those from Bengal. Yes, that show has brought about a lot of changes. Apart from that, my work has increased significantly.

Jiyo Bangla: You have received love from people and will continue to receive it. Have you found your love? 

Prantika Das: Not yet. I haven't found it, and I am not looking for it. 

Jiyo Bangla: There's no resentment about not winning the show?

Prantika Das: Not at all. I wanted to leave that image behind. And I have. People still remember me, and that's what I wanted.

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