Historic Milestone: Chandrayaan 3's Moon Landing Draws 8 Million Viewers on YouTube

In a historic moment that captivated the world, India's Chandrayaan 3 successfully landed on the moon, and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) made history with a record-breaking YouTube livestream that drew over 8 million viewers worldwide. YouTube India and its CEO, Neal Mohan, congratulated ISRO on this remarkable achievement.


The historic moon landing, which was streamed live on ISRO's official YouTube channel, became an international sensation, breaking previous viewership records. Spanish streamer Ibai previously held the world record for concurrent viewers with 3.4 million, but Chandrayaan 3 shattered that record, with over 8 million people watching the soft landing of the lander Vikram on the moon's surface.

Neal Mohan, YouTube's CEO, expressed his excitement, saying, "This was so exciting to watch - congratulations to the whole team at @isro. 8 million concurrent viewers is incredible!"

To commemorate this historic achievement, YouTube India posted a video collage showcasing key moments from the day's events, from the beginning of the livestream to the jubilant celebrations that followed the successful landing.

Chandrayaan 3, India's lunar mission, now stands proudly at the South Pole of the Moon, marking a significant milestone in space exploration. India has become the first country in the world to achieve a soft landing on the moon's South Pole. Both the lander Vikram and the rover Pragyan are currently in a dormant state, waiting for the first rays of sunlight to reach the lunar South Pole. ISRO has indicated that on the 22nd, both will undergo a 'sleep break,' with the entire world eagerly awaiting their reawakening.

The successful mission of Chandrayaan 3 not only marks a monumental achievement for India but also highlights the power of global collaboration and the ability of technology to connect people across the world to witness and celebrate extraordinary events in space exploration.

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