Heritage on Wheels

There are very few cities in India which is as rich in culture as Kolkata. Kolkata in fact is known to be the cultural Capital of the country as it still holds on to its heritage and richness of variant culture.

One of Kolkata’s major attractions is the ‘Tram’. Trams are currently seen in very few cities in India, Kolkata being one where it is found the most. Trams in Kolkata can be spotted in places like Dalhousie, Central Avenue, Shyambazar, Hatibagan, Vivekananda Road, Hazra Road etc.

Kolkata has efficiently held on to its heritage and has even been pretty innovative about it. Kolkata has experienced Air-Conditioned trams, Trams like ‘Balaka’ which is specially for woman, Trams like ‘Sharada’ which has run on festive seasons.

Kolkata is not just experimental about its heritage but also knows exactly how to hold on to it. Kolkata has a museum which exhibit’s horse driven trams to the present day electric trams. Hence, ‘Smaranika’, situated in the CTC compound in Esplanade is a must visit for tourists who actually intend to know about the richness and cultural heritage of the city of joy.

Trams even now gives a comforting and pleasant journey with its slow motion while providing a natural view of the city, be in modern places like Hazra in the south of Kolkata  or Sovabazar in the North. Most importantly, trams do not contribute to the ever increasing pollution in Kolkata. So, if you have little time in hand you can always take a tram ride and feel the essence of the city’s heritage.

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