Health issues that would happen if you drink too much tea

No wonder that tea makes everyone feel relaxed and energetic, but it causes some serious health issues. So, it’s better to lower down the drinking of tea. Here are some facts that will make you reduce your tea intake.

Sleep Chaos: If you are suffering from lack of sleep and there are some sleeping disorders that’s something to blame tea. Consumption of too much tea can cause sleeping disorder and can cause insomnia. It also hampers sleep cycle as it contains melatonin hormone.

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Lowers nutrient absorption: The more consumption of tea can hamper the digestion of a specific person and reduces the rate of nutrition. The tannin component in tea restricts the absorption of iron from food we eat. So, the consumption of tea with meals or just after or before meals can cause serious issues.


Heartburn and Acidity: The more intake of tea can cause heartburn and acidity. The presence of caffeine causes acid formation leading to heartburn and bloating which can further lead to GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). So, think twice before having so much tea.


Pregnancy snag: If you are pregnant, then it’s better to avoid tea for a few months. It can be harmful for both baby and mother. The increase of level of caffeine can lead to serious complications and risk. If you want to keep your baby fit and fine, it's better to avoid tea to avoid complications.


Headache: Everyone has the misconception that drinking tea can give you relief from headache. Actually, the habitual drinking of tea is unfortunately the reason behind your headache. More intake of tea can increase the dependency on tea and at the same time makes you feel discomfort and cause headache.


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