Have You Suffered From A Severe Headache After Having A Hot Shower?

Have you ever taken a hot shower and then suffered from an acute headache? Is it a sign of a disease of some kind? Why do you have such a terrible headache after having a hot shower even though you haven't eaten anything spicy from which gas will start forming or if you haven't been outside under the scorching sun for a while? The medical term ‘BRH,’ or ‘Bath Related Headache,’ refers to a very rare disease. The disease occurs after taking a hot shower and causes an awful headache.

Doctors explain that while the disease is rare, it is not critical or fatal. Some people have BRH disease symptoms include headaches, whereas others suffer from breathing difficulties. Nobody can predict when or how this disease would appear out of nowhere. You can only partially cure this problem; but you cannot completely eliminate it. In this case, you have to figure out whether you have hypertension or blood pressure issues, and if so, take medicine to control the symptoms. However, you should certainly consult a doctor if you are unable to handle the problem. For home treatment, it is essential to keep certain factors in mind.

They are –

Firstly, avoid worrying about the headache if it begins; it won't improve. Secondly, headache can arise from your body lacking sufficient water. Therefore, be careful on the quantity of water you are drinking. Lastly, you should consider whether you are getting sufficient relaxation in along with your work.










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