Have you gone beyond the regular Phuchkas?

Ask a bengali about phuchkas and you will know how it is one of the best foods in the world! Their explanation on phuchkas will make you believe that phuchkas are a sacred thing! Nothing else beats “Phuchkas”.

The little bomb of happiness filled with tangy-water, spicy mashed potatoes, chana and green chillies, is a thing Bengalis can’t do without. But what if we told you that you can pamper your taste buds with the delicacy of chocolates complemented with phuchkas?

Yes! You read it right, chocolate pani puri/ phuchka is the new bliss in town.

This new kiosk at Halidram - Exide crossing, near ‘Tits-Bits’ is a must try. He is not your run of the mill ‘phuchka wale bhaiya’; he serves crunchy puris coated with hard chocolate and toppings of chocolate chips, chocolate wafers and chocolate sticks.He learnt this divine art in Mumbai, before bringing the concept to the City of joy.

That’s not all, he also offers a range of flavours which include ‘red velvet‘, ‘pan‘, ‘rose’, ’coffee’, ‘strawberry’, ‘rocher’ along with many other flavours. The pocket pinch for these is Rs.25 a piece; you can also get these phuchkas packed for your home without worrying about those getting soggy on your way home.

So go and explore and give your taste buds a blast with these brand new mouth-watering flavours!

Address- 1, AJC Bose Road, Chowringee, Kolkata

Pocket Pinch- Rs.25 a piece.

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