Have you been to these hot and happening themed restaurants in Kolkata?

Thematic restaurants are conceptual restaurants based upon a particular setting or environment along with appropriate music, architecture, decoration etc. to capture the essence of the place.

The concept of themed restaurants started out in the United States and the same has now become a trend in Kolkata too.

These thematic restaurants have been attracting food lovers from all over. In fact not just food lovers, thematic restaurants have become popular for its conceptualisation and design as well.

Some of the most popular themed restaurants in the city to hop into are:


Machan in Mani Square is a beautiful nature themed restaurant. It gives you the feeling of dining under banyan trees. Each of the tables is placed under a banyan tree. This forest themed restaurant has statues of tribal people along with models of animals. The experience of dining in a forest does not get any better.

Kaidi Kitchen 

You don't need to be a 'kaidi' to visit Kaidi Kitchen. You can just hop inside this unique restaurant to experience dining inside a lock-up albeit without the hand cuffs. The managers and waiters give you the feel of a typical prison when you see them roaming about dressed as that of a jailer and prisoners respectively. Located in Camac Street this is an amazing place to visit and experience food.

Fly Kouzina 

This themed eatery gives you the feeling of dining inside an aeroplane. The seating arrangements have been made on the same lines as that of an aeroplane. This airline themed restaurant in Salt Lake is one of a kind and is even popular for its food apart from its unique decor.

On Track

This Restaurant in Park Street gives you the feeling of eating inside a train compartment from Victorian times. Using Victorian style curtains and lamps as decor, the restaurant transports you back to the times of the British rule in India.


This is one of the most happening sports-pubs of sort in the city. Themed with a complete sporty atmosphere and posters of legendary sports personalities Dugout is the go-to-place for all the sports and food lovers who want to dine and have a tipple or two amidst the world of sports.

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