Guitar Chords to cure your broken heart

Playing any kind of instrument is relaxing as well as soothing. It calms the mind and the heart too. String instruments have a huge contribution towards increasing the concentration levels. Many famous people have said that music is the food for the soul. Happy people are usually associated with music in someway or the other. Music as a way of life is a way to keep you happy and free from the complexities of the outer world. Playing the Guitar is one such thing, which cures the mind as well as the heart.


  1. Playing the guitar stimulates the brain, since learning and playing a string instrument is not that easy. It takes time, perseverance, concentration and a lot of brain power to learn and grip the cords and to balance the notes.


  1. Playing the guitar helps overcome stress as it relaxes the mind. It works as an anti-depressant. Heavy lifestyle is what people are fed up of these days. The guitar gives a spar of relief and acts as a stress buster.


  1. Playing the guitar keeps you fit. While you sit and adjust the sound and pitch you actually even adjust and balance your physical condition. 


  1. Playing the guitar helps you to become more confident about yourself which is very important for a healthy life.


  1. The guitar not just reduces, it rather cures pain completely. Playing the guitar is not just a hobby; it is a healing method.


  1. Playing the guitar keeps your heart healthy and even boosts your brain power. The guitar works as a medicine during heart breaks.


  1. Playing the guitar enhances the creative side of a person. A creative person becomes more creative when he runs his fingers on the strings of the guitar.


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