Giant Katla Fish Caught In Padma River, Got Sold For Record Price! Know In Detail

A colossal Katla fish weighing 26 kilogrammes and 700 grammes was recently captured in the waters of the Padma River, near the Daulatdia Ferry Ghat in Goyalnand Upazila of Rajbari, Bangladesh. The astonishing size of the catch has left many in awe, with locals and fishermen alike astounded by its sheer magnitude.

The mammoth Katla fish, fetching a staggering price of 56,600 Bangladeshi rupees, was swiftly sold after its retrieval from the river. The catch was made possible by Balaram Haldar, a local fisherman, who hauled in the colossal creature using his nets during a nocturnal fishing expedition.

The buyer, Shahjahan Sheikh, wasted no time in acquiring the prized catch, purchasing it at a rate of 2,000 rupees per kilogramme, totaling an impressive sum. Subsequently, Sheikh made a lucrative deal with the owner of Kumar Khali Healthcare Company, selling the fish for 2,100 rupees per kilogramme, marking a profitable venture for all parties involved.


Speaking to the media, Shahjahan Sheikh expressed his satisfaction with the transaction, emphasising the substantial profit he gained from the sale of the extraordinary Katla fish. The news of this extraordinary catch spread throughout the region, drawing attention to the Padma River's rich biodiversity and the remarkable efforts of local fishermen.

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