Get Ready! As Feluda Is Coming, Sandip Roy's 'Nayan Rahasya' Is Set To Release This May

As the summer approaches, the Bengali film industry is abuzz with anticipation for a fierce clash at the box office. Sandip Ray's much-awaited film, "Nayan Rahasya," is gearing up for release in May, promising an exciting showdown amidst the cinema halls.

Nayan rahasya release date

While industry insiders had hinted at potential delays due to the upcoming parliamentary elections, Ray's team seems determined to stick to their schedule. Despite the industry's speculation, there has been no official announcement regarding the release date from the film's producers.

This isn't Ray's first venture into the world of Feluda. Back in 2022, his directorial "Hatyapuri" made waves during Christmas. Initial reports suggested that "Nayan Rahasya" was slated for a grand Christmas release in 2023. However, producers seem wary of releasing a big-budget film during such a crowded period, especially after the simultaneous releases of other major productions.


One school of thought among producers is to capitalise on the current lull at the box office. With major releases postponed or awaiting production completion, they see an opportunity to bring Feluda back to the forefront during this 'empty' period. After all, Feluda has a dedicated fanbase that eagerly awaits his cinematic outings.

Despite the setbacks in post-production last December, the buzz surrounding "Nayan Rahasya" has only intensified. Industry murmurs suggest that the film is poised to make a significant impact upon its release in May.

Adding to the competition is the much-anticipated film "Amar Boss," directed by Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee, slated for release towards the end of May. The anticipation among cinema owners for these two major releases is palpable, signalling a potential revival in box office fortunes.

Shot primarily in Chennai, "Nayan Rahasya" features Indraneil Sengupta reprising the role of Feluda, with Ayush Das as Topshe and Abhijit Guha as Jatayu.

Industry insiders suggest that the film may hit screens as early as May 10th, setting the stage for an exciting summer showdown.

As the industry gears up for a battle royale at the box office, fans of Bengali cinema can expect an action-packed summer, with Feluda leading the charge once again.

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