Ganga Sagar Fair Kicks Off Amidst Chilly Winds, What's The Weather Forecast?

The much-anticipated Ganga Sagar Fair commenced on Monday, drawing pilgrims from across the country and beyond to partake in the spiritual festivities. As the event unfolds until January 17, attendees are eager to know what the weather has in store during this winter spectacle.

Alipore's meteorological office assures that there won't be any significant weather changes throughout the fair. The north-northwesterly winds are expected to prevail over Ganga Sagar, promising a cool ambiance. The dry breeze is forecast to persist until January 17.

While the weather office dismisses any drastic alterations during the fair, it does note that dense fog is anticipated during the late-night to early-morning hours, potentially reducing visibility. However, as the day progresses, the skies are expected to clear, providing a crisp and clean atmosphere.

In a slight departure from the usual winter chill, this year's Ganga Sagar Fair might experience milder temperatures. The meteorological department reports a slight decrease in the cold spell during the upcoming days, offering a more bearable environment for attendees.

Contrary to the broader state's temperature rise, the Alipore weather office predicts a gradual decrease in temperatures starting on January 10. A subtle drop in mercury levels is expected over the next three days, promising a more comfortable climate for the participants.

Reflecting on recent weather trends, Kolkata witnessed a minimum temperature of 17.1 degrees Celsius on Monday, surpassing the usual temperature by three degrees. The temperature rose further on Tuesday, indicating a shift in the weather pattern.

As the Ganga Sagar Fair unfolds, devotees and visitors can anticipate a unique blend of spiritual fervour and a slightly milder winter experience.

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