From Microfinance To A Bank CEO: Chandrasekhar Ghosh's Journey To Business Triumph

Is it really impossible for Bengalis to succeed in business, as some claim? The pursuit of wealth is often associated with prosperity, but is that prosperity stable in Bengal? Opinions vary on this, leading to debates. However, one Bengali shattered all doubts and demonstrated that dreams of monumental success can indeed come true.

Chandrasekhar Ghosh embarked on his journey with a microfinance institution, gradually turning it into a prominent bank. In 2014, this visionary Bengali not only founded but also led Bandhan Bank, distinguishing himself as its MD and CEO.


Born into a modest Bengali family in Agartala, Chandrasekhar Babu witnessed his father's sweet business struggle. Before heading to school each morning, he diligently assisted at the sweet shop. Despite humble beginnings, he emerged as a brilliant student with grand aspirations.

Recognizing the importance of financial stability in life, Chandrasekhar took a loan of two lakhs from the bank and, along with his wife Neelima, initiated an NGO named 'Bandhan.' Facing numerous challenges, he transformed it into a bank that secured the first position in India and the second globally among 50 enterprises listed by Forbes in 2007.

If you aspire to succeed in business as a Bengali, Chandrasekhar Ghosh shares crucial tips. According to him, self-confidence is paramount. Idolizing someone may boost morale temporarily, but true success requires unwavering self-confidence.

He emphasizes starting small but maintaining a grand vision. Keeping one's goals as steady as the Himalayas is crucial; slowly and steadily progress towards them. Chandrasekhar Ghosh advocates hard work, asserting that sustained effort is essential for success. Challenges may be temporary, but perseverance against them defines true progress.

Chandrasekhar Ghosh envisions a robust future for banking in India. He believes that banking and the finance sector play pivotal roles in any country's development. Despite fewer bank branches in rural areas compared to urban regions, he expresses confidence in the potential of digital banking to bridge this gap.

Chandrasekhar Ghosh's life story serves as an inspiration, proving that being a Bengali is no hindrance to achieving remarkable success. His journey resonates as a testament to relentless determination and the pursuit of stability akin to the Himalayas, a beacon for all striving for success.

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