From Anxiety with love

A lot of people complain that they are very lonely and with time they seclude themselves from family and friends. But they always forget the one thing that gives them company. The greatest friend, a lonely person always has is Anxiety.

Now Let us talk about how they make our lives better.

Adrenaline Rush: There are moments where we just might be sitting back at home doing nothing or just traveling, our brain feels the sudden urge to release adrenaline to increase our heart rate.Because our anxiety feels that our life is not exciting and wants to pump it up. And while you’ll feel out of place, dizzy, take short breaths, don’t worry you are not dying.


Energizing your brain: Sleep is another thing that we all adore, and scientifically speaking, sleep is required for your brain to rest and start afresh. Now our dear friend takes this point very seriously! So you might be a bit tired but anxiety asks your heart to either slow down or pace real fast which results in dizziness and finally you faint.
Nobody likes a tired brain, Anxiety is no such exception.


Sometimes Anxiety can give your heart a permanent rest too, so next time it kicks in, call up your friends. Because on a serious note, you don’t want to be friends with anxiety.


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