Floating restaurant on Kangsabati?

Big surprise before Puja! This floating bar will amaze you in the middle of the Kangshabati River.

Like the Ganges, Midnapur residents can spend some time sitting in a floating restaurant on the Kangsabati river in Midnapur. The administration has taken the initiative to build a floating restaurant on the Kangsabati River before the puja. There is also a system of special lighting in the deep river bed.

Embellishment work has been going on for a year in the Gandhighat area on the banks of the Kangsabati river, adjoining Midnapur city. 'I Love Midnapore' has already grabbed everyone's attention. Whether it is morning or evening after work, common people come and sit by the river to entertain themselves and spend some time. They enjoy the view and breathe some fresh air.

The administration has made this Gandhi Ghat on the river bank of the city a small tourist centre. However, this time, the district residents will receive a special gift for puja. Administration will take more steps to decorate the city. Midnapore MLA Jun Malia has already discussed this with the tourism department. According to the administration, there has been a positive response.

Suitable footpaths will be constructed along the banks of the river for more than one kilometre of walking. This restaurant on the launch in the river will be moving around. Midinpore district administration is naturally showing a new direction in tourism.

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