Fitness Mantra for this Valentines' week

The valentine week has already started and no wonder nobody wants to disappointment his/her bae on the D day. And because of that all you need is to stay acceptable and healthy for the entire week. Starting from the Rose day till V-day, couples must be having a number of plans to make it impressive and cherishable too. Now to keep yourself perfect for your bae you need to follow a few steps for the entire week and the result is a perfect date on the D day.

  • Take a glass of luke warm water with a drop of lemon into it in empty stomach every morning. This keeps your liver and stomach healthy enough to have a few additional sips of alcohol this week.
  • Try and take light breakfast, as this can help you have a proper appetite for lunch and dinner with your partner.
  • Do some free hand exercises everyday if you are not a gym person.
  • Keep yourself fresh with proper deodorants and mouth freshener
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with drinking water to gain added glow in your skin.

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