First Flush comes first

Do you know what exactly first flush is? It is the picking of two tea leaves and a bud during the early growth of the plant. These leaves are normally very tender and delicate in nature. If you are buying the first flush, then you are actually choosing the most exquisite and the freshest variety of tea. So let us talk about the best part of the first flush.


-If you are in love with the first flush, then you must know that this type of tea is lightly oxidized to get the best of its flavour.

-First Flush is one of the purest varieties of tea available and it helps you stay affable and fresh.

-Try not to use any kind of additives with the First Flush concoction because it has an inimitable aroma and flavour.

-The strain is good for people of any age group. It actually energizes your mind and body.

-Very few of us know that First Flush is actually called the ‘champagne’ of teas. There is a valid reason behind this because it requires special care to be prepared and is more expensive than any other variety.

First Flush truly possesses a classic taste and exists as a status symbol.

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