People in Kolkata have now become FIRE EATERS!

No matter how bizarre it may sound but fire paan has been trending all over the city for a while. Yes you read this right! There is actually a thing called ‘Fire Paan’.

Most of us have grown up watching our didas and thammas enjoying a delicious paan after finishing meals. It always made me curious how chewing a leaf can satisfy one’s tastebuds, but later I discovered that the fun paan leaf has a lot more to offer than what I could think of. All my life I have come across paans with all kinds of ingredients in them, but the FIRE PAAN is in a league of its own.

The thought that comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘fire’ is to hold onto dear life and run!!

So how am I supposed to eat something which scares the hell out of me?


But then science dawned upon me: When there is no oxygen nothing can burn! As soon as we put the flaming paan inside and close our mouth, the supply of oxygen gets cut off and the fire goes off; leaving the insides of our mouth unscarred.

Now, FYI this fire paan also has medical benefits. Yes it does!

It helps in healing mouth ulcers and common cold. The clove helps you with fresh breath too.

So I would like to conclude by saying that – The fiery betel leaf is quite a thing along with some medicinal properties and a great taste too!

Go put your taste buds on fire and let us know how your experience was.

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