Fire Breaks Out Near Dhapa In Kolkata, Three Engines Rush On Monday Morning

A terrifying fire engulfed the Dhapa area in Kolkata earlier this week, stirring panic throughout the metropolitan area. On Monday morning, flames erupted at a plastic factory in Sector 12 of the EM Bypass vicinity, triggering an urgent response from local authorities.

Upon receiving the distress call, three fire engines swiftly arrived at the scene, commencing efforts to contain the blaze. Fortunately, no casualties were reported amidst the chaos.

According to sources, the fire originated around 6 a.m. in a densely populated residential area, adjacent to a warehouse stocked with decorative materials. The rapid spread of flames blanketed the vicinity in thick smoke, causing alarm among residents.

Local inhabitants, gripped by fear, promptly alerted the authorities, who quickly dispatched firefighting teams to the location. Over the course of nearly two hours, diligent efforts by the firefighters successfully brought the situation under control.

Further inquiries revealed that no injuries were sustained during the incident. However, investigators are actively probing the cause of the fire and liaising with warehouse owners to ascertain the sequence of events. Preliminary assessments suggest that the fire may have originated in a specific section of the warehouse where combustible materials were stored, exacerbating the situation.

As investigations continue, authorities emphasise the importance of adhering to safety protocols to prevent such incidents in the future. Meanwhile, residents of the affected area are urged to remain vigilant and cooperate with ongoing inquiries to ensure the safety and security of their community.

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