Fans of FIFA under-17 Football World Cup swarm outside Maidan Market for team jersey

Fans of FIFA under -17 Football World Cup swarmed outside Maidan Market in Esplanade to get their hands on their favourite international team jerseys.

Located in Central part of Kolkata, Maidan market houses over 400 shops selling sporting goods.

“Whenever a football World Cup takes place, we witness a huge demand for jerseys of teams like Germany, Spain, England, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France, Portugal etc. This time, with the World Cup taking place in our country, fans of the game have gone crazy. Now nobody wants club jerseys of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Everybody wants jerseys of international football teams,” said Pradip Das, store manager of Amrik Singh Sports Goods.

Jerseys sold in this market are either locally-made or imported from China and Thailand. The locally-made jerseys are sold at Rs 100 while the ones imported from China are sold for Rs 330-400. Better quality jerseys imported from Thailand are sold at Rs 500.

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