Exclusive Interview of Filmmaker Subhash Ghai

As the country gears up for the formation of a new government at the Centre while the result of the 17th Lok Sabha elections is unfolding, veteran filmmaker Subhash Ghai talked exclusively to Jiyo Bangla about what he felt of the new government, his expectations and if he intended to join politics.

Q: BJP is making its way back for the second time with a single majority. What is your reaction?

A: There are two things which have been proved with the result. One, The nation strongly denied the allegations of opposition that Modi is a liar and two, they did not appreciate low-level politics and abuses by the Opposition.

Q: What are the expectations from the new government?

A: I don’t know. But I expect opposition whoever to behave with much more maturity to run the parliament smoothly on issues.”

Q: What do you hope the new government will do for the Hindi film industry?

A: I would like the new government to let the film industry make films on communal harmony and vision of greater India, focussing on the theme, do before demand.

Q: Is there any movie from you on the cards on the prevailing political circus?

A: No. I don't intend to make those myself. I believe movies on politics are boring. There is hardly any film which I had made in all these years which had politics as the central theme

Q: So many from the film industry are joining politics. When do you intend to follow suit?

A: Never. I love to watch the political theatre in India as a writer. Isn’t that sometimes better than movies?

Q: In the last 50 years that you have been in the film industry, how many times have you been offered a political party ticket?

A: I have never been offered to join politics probably because they all know I am a filmmaker and not a politician.

Q: Given the circumstances, as a filmmaker do you think Narendra Modi’s biopic will do better business now?

A: Can’t say.

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