Exciting Venture into Hindi Cinema: Producer Aritra Das Unveils His Next Project Based On True Story, 'Jharkhand Story'!

Aritra Das, known for his work in Tollywood, began his journey in the film industry with the Bengali movie 'Noti Binodini', by Director Ramkamal Mukherjee, marking his debut as a producer. Prior to this, he contributed to two short films, 'Kekwak' and 'Season's Greetings.'

After a brief hiatus, Aritra Das is back, this time stepping into Bollywood. His upcoming project focuses on women's empowerment in Jharkhand, with the screenplay penned by Rajkumar. In an interview, Aritra shared his passion for storytelling, emphasising the need to address prevalent issues in society through his films.

Recently wrapping up a photoshoot with Bollywood star Tiger Shroff, Aritra expressed his eagerness for the new project on social media. Despite his past experience with biographical films like 'Noti Binodini,' Aritra revealed his longstanding desire to create a movie based on real-life incidents.

In a media interaction, Aritra disclosed his extensive research on the challenges faced by women in Jharkhand. He highlighted the collaboration with local authorities and the police force to ensure a sensitive portrayal of the issues. The shooting is expected to commence around November 27, coinciding with Guru Nanak's birthday.

While Rituparna Sengupta is anticipated to play a pivotal role, R.Madhavan might embody a sincere police officer, and Kankana Sen Sharma could portray a female police officer. Aritra Das aims to bring forth a powerful narrative that sheds light on the social challenges faced by women in Jharkhand.

The film is set to initiate its official shoot, primarily in the Jharkhand region, with other shooting locations yet to be finalized. Aritra Das's dedication to authentic storytelling and his commitment to researching real incidents make 'Jharkhand Story' a much-anticipated project in the Hindi film industry.

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