Exciting News For Amrit Bharat Express Passengers! Discover The New Stoppage On This Train

In a recent update from Indian Railways, Amrit Bharat Express brings delightful news for its passengers. The journey from Maldah Town to S.M.V.T. Bengaluru now includes a new stop at Pakur Station in Jharkhand.

This expansion is a boon for all Bengali and Jharkhand rail travellers, offering convenient access to South India or Bengaluru for medical purposes or leisure. Pakur Station, known for its multiple stone quarries, is not only a transportation hub but also a workplace for many.

The introduction of this new stop on the train's route provides additional benefits to the local workforce and business community in Pakur. Passengers can now enjoy enhanced convenience on this recently inaugurated train.

On December 30th of the previous year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated two Amrit Bharat Express trains. Starting on January 7th, the Malda Town to S.M.V.T. Bengaluru journey is set to commence.

This initiative reflects the railway authorities' consideration for the general public in Jharkhand and the convenience of Pakur's local commuters. Starting January 14th, Train 13434 will make a stop at Pakur Station at 10:00 AM and depart at 10:02 AM. Conversely, from January 16th, Train 13433 will pause at Pakur Station at 09:10 AM and depart at 09:12 AM.

The railway's thoughtful expansion aims to cater to the comfort and convenience of the common people in Jharkhand and the travellers of the Pakur region.

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