Europa Bowmick: Bodybuilder of 18

Not like any other girl today choosing careers of Engineering, medical science or any other general stream, Europa Bowmick, took up body building as her career at a very early age. At 18, she proves herself to be an outstanding character in the genre of health and fitness.

Europa Bowmick appeared for a national level championship in the year 2005 which took place in Karnataka. She did not win but she became more focused after the event about her future prospects. She stands as an example to many youth today. She dealt with all her failures with a sportive mind and due courage. Europa Bowmick knows the secret of body building and the charisma of having thin skin and biceps. She is not food obsessed but prefers a good amount of oatmeal but typically dislikes bread. Like many other people around she loves meat and in that case chicken to her definitely doesn’t fall into the group of meat.

In the year 2016, Europa Bowmick achieved Silver from the same said competition and this year she is badly craving for the gold. She is maintaining and preparing herself for the same. The best part of her character is that she believes, like her many women should take this as passion and know their hidden worth in a different approach.

Europa Bowmick was mocked and bullied in school life due to her looks and unattractiveness. She was definitely not the conventional beauty as demanded by the society. At that point of time, though it was a kind of mental pressure to her, she managed to come out of the insecurity quite soon. With the suggestion of her mother, she joined gym to lose her excess weight during puberty but that was not of good help to her. She came down to dieting and took other measures. The blessed part today is people all around are in long line to take selfies and long shots with this fitness icon, Europa Bowmick.

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